“Through The Looking Glass Ceiling” explores the trope of the “Manic Pixie Dream Girl.” This film character is typically white, quirky, traditionally feminine, and serves to assist a male character (also typically white) in his quest to discover happiness and success. Much like Alice in Wonderland, she looks at the world with whimsy and naiveté. A glass ceiling hovers darkly above her as she never achieves her own enlightenment or success. This ceiling also prevents her from being the main protagonist and relegates her to being a supporting role. Instead she is presented as a simplistic character solely needing validation through her relationship with the male character. Her trajectory is mitigated by the male protagonist’s desire and journey.

Created in January of 2014. Collage #315. Collage of linoleum block prints, woodblock prints, spray paint, and handwritten history notes from my 103 year old cousin Fannie Simonowsky.. 22.5” x 30.”